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Turco Precision Custom Building

It’s been a pleasure working with Michelle Eckhart Accounting Services since 2018. Michelle and Belle communicate clearly, are readily available and quick to respond. Michelle is a trusted business resource. I can always count on Michelle to provide me with up to date financials. She deals with all aspects of my business including bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, my business and personal taxes and also deals with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. I never have to worry about things getting lost or misplaced. Michelle keeps me organized and has everything tracked down to the penny. She is a vital part of my company’s success. Sean Turco Turco Precision Custom Building

North Fork Coffee Roasters

We have nothing but great things to say about Michelle and her team! Our experience has been seamless from the beginning. Always consummate professionals, their communication is clear and concise, and very friendly. Michelle and Belle have made our jobs as small business owners very easy, because we know we can trust them with our employee payroll, taxes, etc. They are extremely knowledgeable in all areas. Highly recommended them for all accounting needs! Kristin Amarante and Stephanie Kunkel North Fork Coffee Roasters

Mountain Element Construction

I’m a general contractor and I have worked with Michelle for the last 15 years. She has done an amazing job. My company wouldn’t be what it is today without her. She not only handles all the bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, and paperwork for the business, but she also alerts me if I’m forgetting something and helps me put out fires when I need the help. I can’t sing her praise loud enough. Aspen Pulliam Mountain Element Construction

West Mountain Masonry, Otis Livestock Company, and Skyline Excavation

As a small business owner, I thought I could keep up with my own payroll, invoicing and bookkeeping each month. After many late fees and missed payments, I decided I needed a bookkeeper. At first, I was quite skeptical thinking that I’d be losing money. What I found was the amount of time I spent in the office was replaced with time spent in the field generating income. Hiring Michelle Eckhart Accounting Services was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made. I was able to clean up old tax debts and pay off my credit cards. My bills have been paid on time, even including my personal accounts. Michelle takes the burden of office work off my shoulder so I can do my job. I’ve had a longstanding relationship with Michelle, and it’s one I’ll value for the rest of my life. She has helped me start two additional new businesses. I can always count on her to answer the phone and help me come up with solutions for any financial problems. I recommend Michelle to anyone starting a new business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer that is so valuable for a new business or a business that has been around for many years. Dan Palmer West Mountain Masonry Otis Livestock Company Skyline Excavation

Lianne Weyen

MIchelle is very professional and prompt in responding to all of my tax questions. I recently purchased a house and she was so helpful in providing all the documents necessary. She takes care of all my accounting needs for business and personal and is very knowledgeable. I recently referred her to my sister and her husband and they are very pleased with her services as well. Michelle and her team are the absolute best and update me monthly on tax withholding payments to be deducted and when. I highly recommend!!! A+++ Lianne Weyen

Ahren Zachary & Laura Kirk

We have been working with Michelle Eckhart for our taxes for the last few years after a recommendation from a friend. My husband owns his own hardscape business and I am a nurse. We have tried some online tax platforms and a couple other accountants locally and didn’t feel like we got the personalized help that we get from Michelle. She really works to understand your situation and can make sense of our not so organized, less than perfect bookkeeping. She works hard and efficiently to save us money and make sure we pay amount of taxes that are fair. She also has lots of pointers to help make things easier for the next year and keeps up with the yearly tax changes.  We are very happy using Michelle and recommend her to all of our friends and family.  Ahren Zachary & Laura Kirk

Logan & Jessica Bonnesen

My husband and I have been working with Michelle for several years and she has been amazing. A few years ago our tax situation became more complicated and Michelle helped take away the worry and stress of filing difficult taxes. She was always eager to answer our questions and help put our minds at ease. We will continue working with Michelle and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professional tax services. Logan & Jessica Bonnesen

Billy & Patti Barrow

Michelle is amazing!  We love that she does our taxes so we don’t have to worry about anything. She is very thorough and there are never any surprises. Billy & Patti Barrow

Matt & Katie Thompson

We have been working with Michelle over the last few years and she has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and efficient, but she is very personable and makes us feel so comfortable and relaxed every tax season. We are so grateful for Michelle and would highly recommend her Matt & Katie Thompson

Jared and Courtney Bork

Michelle has done an excellent job with our personal taxes for the last six years. She is very prompt when asking her questions and quickly completes our taxes once we give her all the documents needed. We have found her to be very professional and one that pays great attention to detail. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for accounting services. Jared and Courtney Bork

SLK Tile

Michelle has worked with us for a few years. She has always been kind and helpful. She makes our taxes worry free! She makes us feel like family. Stan and Athena Kalinovskiy SLK Tile

Larry and Tenaya Wave

We have relied on Michelle Eckhart for the past four years to assist us with our taxes.  She has been efficient, helpful, reliable, and always gets back to us in a timely manner. Larry and Tenaya Wave

Val’s Beauty Restorations

I have known Michelle for 12 years. She provides the skills, knowledge, and expertise to solve all my tax questions. Michelle has done a terrific job every year. I highly recommend Michelle to do your taxes due to her knowledge and amazing personality. Val Rad Val’s Beauty Restorations

High Mountain Cleaning and Property Services

I have had Michelle as my payroll and QuickBooks expert since 2016.  She has been great to work with. She always gets back to me quickly and is easy to communicate with. She is very knowledgeable about taxes and business accounting! Sandy Schiffman High Mountain Cleaning and Property Services

Hamblin Masonry

Michelle has done a wonderful job working with us to keep our business running smoothly. She is timely and reliable with all aspects of bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. She communicates with us whenever there is a change coming or there is anything we need to do on our end. When we have questions for Michelle, she is readily available to talk with us and help us find solutions. We trust that Michelle has our back with the bookkeeping and accounting end of our business, which gives us the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of our business. We highly recommend Michelle! James and Melinda Hamblin Hamblin Masonry

Kay La Bella

Michelle Eckhart has been my accountant for six years, and I am forever grateful for her services. She is thorough, professional and stays up to date with the ever changing laws and requirements of the tax system. I appreciate her ability to both get my taxes done and her organizational skills in getting me set up and prepared for the upcoming season as well. Not only is she my accountant, but she has also done a great job for my daughter, both personally and for her business tax preparation. I highly recommend Michelle for your accounting needs. Kay La Bella

Native Sisters Tree Service

I’m writing on behalf of my awesome tax lady, Michelle Eckhart. I moved from California to Idaho five years ago and contacted Michelle about handling my personal and business taxes. She has been so helpful with transitioning states and putting everything in order for me. She has been available anytime I needed help or advice… tax season or not. I cannot say enough good things about her professionalism and knowledge of tax laws. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing an honest and reliable tax service. Jennifer Berggren Native Sisters Tree Service

Jennifer and Nick Caple 

Michelle Eckhart has been super helpful, always dependable, and easy to work with. She has helped us with our taxes for the past four years. We have had nothing but superior care, amazing advice, and professionalism from Michelle. She is honest, direct, and caring. Her experience shows each time we meet with her. We are happy to have her alongside us for our personal and professional growth each year. Jennifer and Nick Caple 

Magnum Floors

We have been with Michelle since 2016. She helped us set up our business accounting and has helped us with many other business related issues. Our payroll and payroll taxes are always paid on time and the reports she provides are very easy to read. She also does our taxes. We have been very happy with her services and would recommend her to everyone. Her response time is almost instant, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. Jonathan and Janell Carter Magnum Floors

Triple M Refrigeration Services

Our company has worked with Michelle Eckhart since 2019. Her company goes above and beyond great customer service. Our payroll is complicated, and she always gets it done correctly. If we have a question, Michelle is willing to answer or find out the answer. I would highly recommend her company for all accounting needs. Matt and Karen Moser Triple M Refrigeration Services

Misty Hill

I’ve known Michelle for years. We even worked together at one point; she was in the accounting department. She was thorough then, and I have experienced her thoroughness as our tax advisor now. I trust her completely with our taxes. Due to preparing to move and some medical issues, I did not get our taxes filed on time in 2021. I knew I need to find someone to help!  When I contacted her, she was very clear with me that I should not allow this to happen again and there would be interest and penalties from the IRS. However, her fee remained the same. She did not gouge me with a huge fee to basically clean up my mess. When we moved across the country, she was knowledgeable and thorough with deductions and expenses, she triple checked our information, and did everything electronic. She made it so easy, and I was appreciative, considering we are not in the area anymore. I will use her services as much as I can. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for an accountant or tax consultant. Michelle is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and efficient. Her cute, happy, and fun attitude is oh so pleasant when dealing with taxes and money! Misty Hill